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Ever since it first opened at the Byrne Avenue Complex in Rock Ferry ring stars past and present have been regular visitors with guests including the original ‘Master of Disaster’ and former world heavy-middleweight title holder ‘Rollerball‘ Mark Rocco and ex-heavyweight contender Neil Sands.

Man Mountain Kong and students

‘Man Mountain’ Kong, Gladiator Goliath and  Metal Master Chad Collyer have also been on hand to support trainees as they are put through their paces from 10am to 12 noon each Sunday. The Training School is open to adults and boys and girls aged from 10 years upwards and parents or individuals wanting information can telephone 07738-330316, or simply pop in any Sunday morning and see just what happens for themselves.

The All Star School was first opened after numerous requests for a training facility and visiting coaches have included  Merseyside’s own Superslam heavyweight title winner Robbie Brookside, Canada’s ‘Stampede Kid’ T.J.Wilson, the towering ‘American Disaster’ Broady Steele, Harry Smith, son of the late ‘British Bulldog’ Davey Smith, dual world heavyweight title holder and former ‘Celebrity Wrestling’ coach Joe Legend, Reading’s now US-based ‘Sonic’ Steve Lewington and the awesome ‘American Avalanche’ P.N.Neuz.

Saabre toothed WWE legend the ‘Vampire Warrior’ Gangrel, WWE ‘Hall of Fame’ member Miss Luna Vachon and French-Canadian ace Rene Dupree have also given students the benefit of their know-how and Dean Allmark is delighted to have seen a number of graduates going their own way and making a major impact in the professional ranks, among them ‘Young Wrestler of the Year’ Adam Davies and his ‘Lightning Kids’ tag partner Ben Levy, plus  Luke Hardy, Ringo Ryan and Adam ‘TNT’ Davies.

‘As we promised at the very start, students are taught with grace and honesty to constructively develop and improve their skills - while the biggest bonus of choosing to train with All Star Wrestling is the incentive for successful students of try-out appearances in front of live audiences,’ Dean added.

Initial response for the school was mainly from the Merseyside area but now would-be wrestlers from much further away are heading to Birkenhead each weekend and overnight accommodation is available as part of an inclusive train and stay package. Gift vouchers covering training sessions are also on offer and, again, the number to call for details is 07738-330316.

More students and All Star Training School guest visitors.